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REFURBISHED - Space Scooter X540 - Blue

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€79,95 - €79,95
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The Space Scooter is the coolest scooter on the market. A true eye-catcher for cool boys and girls. Everyone can use the Space Scooter as an outdoor toy or purely as a leisure activity, after all, you are never too old to play!

We offer a unique opportunity here, namely an almost new Space Scooter X540! This model is for kids from 8 years old. This X540 is a "refurbished model". This means that it is not completely new but, for example, was used at a demo day or an event and can therefore be offered for a very attractive price. No worries about the service/warranty because the (universal) parts will of course remain available in the future and the warranty is 100% valid.

The X540 is a Space Scooter model that was sold internationally, the box contains an English manual. You can download the Dutch version by clicking on the booklet below....

A refurbished Space Scooter? Can I expect the same quality as a completely new one? Certainly! There may be something visually wrong, such as a sticker that has become a little loose or minimal damage. All optical, but absolutely no technical defects on the scooter itself. Even though it is a refurbished model, you get a 12-month warranty.

Features of the X540
The Space Scooter X540 is suitable for kids from 8 years old and up to a maximum weight of 115 kilos. It is not foldable. With the X540 you must assemble the front wheel and handlebars yourself. Below are some further product specifications;

Fashion model: X540 Series
Minimum age:
Max. Weight:
±115 kg
ASTM-F2264 / EN14619
2 x 8 inch PU Wheels
Product weight: 7.5 KG

We wish everyone a lot of fun with this cool X540 Space Scooter!

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